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Mom: Shelter won't euthanize family dog after attack | Health

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Mom: Shelter won't euthanize family dog after attack
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Mom: Shelter won't euthanize family dog after attack

A Union County mom and dad want their family dog euthanized after an attack.  They said the Union County Humane Society will not fulfill their request.

Ali and Kelley Aljumaily's 4-year-old daughter, Briseis, was attacked by the family's coon hound Saturday morning.  Briseis was sitting cross-legged on the family's back porch with blood in her lap when Kelley rushed toward the commotion.  The parents said their daughter did not cause the attack.

The child received more than 200 staples and stitches along with a five-night hospital stay.

"Jake", the coon hound, is a rescue dog the family took in several months ago.  The Aljumaily's said they had Jake vaccinated and his temperament checked.  Until Saturday's attack, the dog never showed any signs of aggression.

The Union County Humane Society is holding Jake.  A manager at the facility said the dog's future has not been determined.  The humane society wants to look into Jake's case further.  The manager added, the dog has seemed calm while at their facility.  The non-profit said the family could surrender Jake to the Humane Society.  However, the family thinks the society will re-adopt Jake to a family without kids.

"It's my dog and I want the dog put down.  I don't want another kid to have to go through what I witnessed, and my daughter, I thought she was going to die," Kelley Aljumaily said.

Union County does not have an animal control department.  Both sides agree such a department would have helped determine a solution in this matter.

Meanwhile, the Aljumaily family is worried about insurance coverage and are also focused on Briseis' condition.  Doctors tell the family it could take months to fully correct the damage.

If you're interested in offering support or kind words for Briseis' recovery, you may email Kelley Aljumaily: asuperdadandmom@aol.com .

According to Briseis Aljumaily's grandmother, Cindy Fleenor, a fund has been set up to help the family with medical expenses.  Fleenor said ORNL Federal Credit Union at 4510 Emory Road in Knoxville is accepting donations for the fund (ATTN: Jacquoleen Knight for Briseis Aljumaily).

Health, News, Pets

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