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Multi-million dollar lawsuit filed over alleged bullying

Opana painkiller abuse common in East Tennessee

Another painkiller is becoming a problem for law enforcement in East Tennessee. It's called Oxymorphone Hydrochloride, or Opana.

This drug is prescribed for people in severe pain, but abusers found another use for it.

It hit the shelves in 2007, and according to Heather Sutton with the Metropolitan Health Commission, Opana is in the top three most abused prescription drugs.

Acting Grainger Co. jail leader: 3 things need improvement

(WBIR-Rutledge) Grainger County chief deputy Charles Biddle said while changes to the county jail are already in place, more needs to be done.

He's hoping an emergency commission meeting next week could get the groundwork on those plans.

"They might do this, or they might do that, but on Monday night, they'll all know what the mayor, the county commission, we'll all know," said chief deputy Biddle.

Lawsuit details "brutal" attack in Grainger Co. school

A Grainger County woman is suing the county, school system, and the parents of four students over an alleged attack at Washburn High School.

The suit claims that four girls held the victim down, beat her and grabbed her hair in the October attack. It also says the girls "brutally" rammed the victim's head into a metal pole several times. The victim claims a teacher walked by but didn't stop the beating.

After someone finally stopped the assault, the suit claims the school nurse did not seek medical attention when the victim was throwing up blood and was disoriented.

Thanksgiving Day meal costs a little less than predicted

Whether you're the kind who goes prepared with a list or a last minute shopper, Americans will soon be packing grocery stores to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average cost of a Thanksgiving Day meal for a family of 10 is $49.04. Last year's average, according to the AFBF, was $49.48.

The study states volunteer shoppers looked for the best possible prices without taking advantage of special promotional coupons or purchase deals.

Man arrested after admitting to shooting his mother

(WBIR) A Claiborne County man was arrested Friday evening after he admitted to shooting his mother at their home.

The Claiborne County Sheriff's Office said Charles Shaw, 27, called 911 Friday evening to say he shot his mother and locked himself in the bathroom.

Shaw remained on the phone until officers arrived and he exited the house in the Cave Springs Community to turn himself in.

Once Shaw was in custody, officers cleared the scene and paramedics found his mother with a gunshot wound to the face and neck.

Locks repaired to make Grainger jail more secure

Crews worked on repairing broken locks on Friday, and that work will likely continue on Saturday. The chief deputy says the air lock system has been broken and regular keys wouldn't work because inmates vandalized the locks. That meant prisoners could roam around as they pleased inside the jail.