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Tornado victim: 'We were being watched over' | News

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Tornado victim: 'We were being watched over'


(WBIR-Speedwell) The EF-3 tornado that struck Claiborne County on Sunday may have destroyed a Speedwell man's home, but he said it strengthened his relationship with God.

Jim Mullens lives off Doaks Creek Road. His home was one of the 10 the Sunday storms destroyed.

"The first thing, you hope it's a bad dream and you'll wake up. In reality, it's not. I was devastated," Mullens said.

The tornado took the roof off the Mullens' home and swept away their entire carport.

Jim was not inside his home when the tornado tore through the area. Less than 15 minutes before it hit, Mullens had been driving his wife back to a nursing home in Norris.

"I'm not sure that we would be here now if we had been here when the storm hit. I doubt we would be," he said.

Despite winds up to 150 miles per hour, Mullens, the pastor of Mount Zion Methodist Church, found one painting still hanging on the wall. The painting, given to the Mullens years ago, is a copy of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.

"There were some other small things on the same wall. They were gone; I have no idea where they went. Yet the painting was still here. Call it fate, or ironic, or whatever you want to but I think it was there for a purpose, to give us a message," Mullens said. "That to me says we were being watched over. No doubt."

A couple days ago, his family rummaged through the home to find valuables and took The Last Supper painting home.

Mullens has home insurance.


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