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Red Cross offers meals to those devastated by tornado | News

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Red Cross offers meals to those devastated by tornado


As cleanup continues in Speedwell, the American Red Cross lent a hand to make sure everyone was well fed. The Emergency Response Vehicle, or the ERV, made its way handing out meals to families that were just trying to find a place to sleep at night.

Jerry McCreary is a man who lives with his wife on his property out of a semi truck, and a man whose entire property was destroyed after a tornado whipped through. McCreary didn't expect what was going to come next.

The American Red Cross made a donation to McCreary as he and his loved ones helped clear the rubble.

The donation was money to build a new shed over his belongings.

"I'm not used to somebody giving me stuff and you never know in life what you are going to have to do or so we appreciate everything," said McCreary.

The Red Cross told him this while out on a mission to feed those stricken with disaster.

Volunteers drove the ERV through each neighborhood that was affected.

"They received us very well. They came up and they were really happy to see us with the food and the water. They are out there working so hard and sometimes they forget to eat and drink," said Red Cross volunteer Rachelle Burkert.

Down the road from McCreary lived the Alford family. A tree landed on their home during the storm.

"If it hadn't have been a log home, I think it would have been destroyed by it. I really do. I thank the good Lord above it's still standing," said Stacha Alford.

Alford saw close to 20 pairs of hands helping clean up her home after the disaster. And she said it helped her put faith back in humanity, because all of this happened while she didn't have insurance on her home.

"We didn't have any. We both have been out of jobs and that's why they are here helping us. It has really been a miracle," said Alford.

A miracle that came by way of a free meal, or an extra hand by other disaster relief agencies.

"My heart just goes out to everyone. I know that they will make it through it, but whatever we can do, it makes me feel good to be a part of the Red Cross," said Burkert.

The Red Cross gave out more than 70 meals, helping around 13 homes.


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