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Ky. fireworks law changes felt in Tenn. | News

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Ky. fireworks law changes felt in Tenn.


(WBIR, Harrogate) It's been three years since the Commonwealth of Kentucky voted to loosen their laws on selling fireworks, making them essentially the same as in Tennessee. Depending on who you ask, the effects of the laws can be felt.

"The money flow that starts coming in here, instead of people going to Indiana or Ohio or Tennessee," said Ryan Pietosi, a salesman from Bluegrass Fireworks said in Middlesboro Friday. "They can now come to Kentucky and be able to buy the fireworks instead of having to drive another 2-3 hours away,"

In 2011, the Kentucky legislature made the changes in laws. Over the last few years, there have been more tents popping up in Bell County. Nowadays, Pietosi said he can sell more than sparklers and poppers.

"Basically the artillery shells you see right here in front of me that come out of the base, make big pop the big boom," he pointed out.

Meanwhile, while Pietosi said there are changes in spending habits, salesmen on the Tennessee side beg to differ.

"They can sell what they want to sell now just the same way we can. But I have not seen any letdown in business at our location," said Steve Blevins, a fireworks salesman in Harrogate.

Currently there are 24 states with fireworks rules similar to Tennessee and Kentucky.


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