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Cumberland Gap residents cleaning up after wind damage | News

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Cumberland Gap residents cleaning up after wind damage

ID=9459715(WBIR) On Thursday, crews in Cumberland Gap worked to remove fallen trees after a storm ripped through that area the night before.

The storm hit at about 11 p.m. and lasted until midnight, knocking down trees and cutting power to homes. As of Thursday morning, crews were able to restore much of the power but were still working on telephone service.

The storm caused some property damage, but no one was injured.

Janice Stover of Harrogate walked outside Thursday morning to a yard filled with large limbs that had fallen as a result of the storm.

She said, "You can't describe it, I don't think. It's indescribable."

While Stover and one of her friends worked to rehab Stover's garden, a group of neighbors rushed to her home to help remove the trees.

Cody Standifer of New Tazewell was among the half dozen volunteers who helped Stover. He said, "Me and a couple of guys I work with said 'yeah we'll go over there'. We come over here to help out these people because it's hard for people to do it on their own. The more help, the better. It's a small community. You got to stay together."

The National Weather Service hasn't confirmed what type of storm blew through that area last night. Local emergency management officials said they think the storm produced straight line winds or a microburst. They said they don't believe it was a tornado.


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