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Grainger sheriff-elect wants trust back in department | News

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Grainger sheriff-elect wants trust back in department

ID=8825647(WBIR-Rutledge) After 60 percent of the vote Tuesday night, James Harville will be back as Grainger County's sheriff.

"I'm very thankful for the support and confidence that the people of Grainger County have given me to serve another term as sheriff," he said Wednesday afternoon.

Harville won that seat, after the man who defeated him in 2010, Scott Layel, chose to step down last year due to medical issues.

That came after several controversies that loomed over the Grainger County Sheriff's Office. Last year, three inmates escaped the Grainger County Detention Center. Following the November breakout, TBI began an investigation, leading to the arrest of the five jailers.

The sheriff-elect would not comment on Layel's administration, but said there's a future for the department.

"It's looking forward to getting started with the new job to take the county forward," Harville said. "One of the issues that concerns the citizens is the visibility of actually marked patrol units patrolling the neighborhoods."

However, the sheriff-elect did hint at changes with personnel at the department.

"There would be some minor changes over some revamping over the department -- responsibilities and duties of current and future employees."

Harwell currently works at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. He will have to leave that department to rejoin Grainger County.

He will take office on September 1.


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