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Union Co. Schools addresses bad report card | News

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Union Co. Schools addresses bad report card
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Union Co. Schools addresses bad report card

Union County Schools is the only school district in the 10News viewing area that failed to meet achievement goals on Tennessee's education report. In fact, the school system declined in seven of nine areas.

The Tennessee Department of Education released its annual report card on Thursday.

Concerning the district's achievement measures the state said, "...did not meet a majority of measures and declined in a majority of measures".

"We weren't happy," said Union County Schools Director Wayne Goforth. "Well, certainly we've been through a roller coaster this past year with management from the top".

Last October, Goforth was suspended without pay by the school board. The board's attorney accused the director of neglecting his duties.  Goforth's attorney said his client was used as a "scapegoat".  Goforth was reinstated nearly a year later.

"Anytime you have that happen, it causes some problems with teacher morale," the director said.  "We'll be looking at ways to help teacher morale".

Race to the Top funding will be given to teachers to help students who are not proficient, according to Goforth.

No numbers were listed in the report card for the district's new state-wide virtual school.  Goforth is uncertain if it was included in figures.

On a positive note, the director says Paulette Elementary, which opened last year, has high scores.  Those numbers could not be measured since it is a new school.

Goforth's administration also said Big Ridge Elementary met all but one annual objective.

"It means we have areas we can grow in and areas we can improve in," the director said.

Goforth has worked for the school system for 31 years.  He became director in 2008.  Thursday, Goforth told 10News he plans to "move on" soon.

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