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Tennessee's tastiest tap water found in Maynardville | Health

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Tennessee's tastiest tap water found in Maynardville
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Tennessee's tastiest tap water found in Maynardville

Drinking out of the tap never tasted so good, at least for those living in Maynardville.

Out of 12 regions across the state, the small town can now boast it has the tastiest drinking water in the state.

Judges voted Maynardville number one out of about 230 water utilities across Tennessee. Each water entry was tested for clarity, smell and of course taste.

This is the first time Maynardville has won the state contest, but its water is used to getting awards. It has won the regional contest for the tastiest water four out of five years.

One city manager is still unclear why the water is good on the taste buds.

"I have no idea. I have no idea why it tastes so good, but it does. It's from a spring, it's crystal clear, it's cold and it's very tasty. It's good water," said Jack Rhyne.

All that good water comes up from lay springs.

Rhyne says it's always running a little low, but Maynardville shouldn't worry too much about not having enough water. He says the small town can go to other places for water if it needs to, but it won't be the best in the state.

Health, News, Weird

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