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The Bryan House
The Bryan House

If you know anything about Rutledge then you probably know the Doc Bryan house.  Located squarely in the middle of this charming town is this stately house that was his home from 1937 until his death in 2003.  Built in 1869 by a "carpetbagger" named Michael Goldman, the house cost $1000 to build.  The house was purchased by Dr. L. C. Bryan in 1937 for $1,100 after sitting vacant and abandoned for many years.  

"Doc" Bryan practiced medicine for 77 years in Grainger County from 1927 until 1994 when he turned 93.  Doc delivered thousands of babies during his long career, most of them delivered in homes.  He kept a famous  baby book of each baby delivered in chronological order, all listed by the fathers name.  He stopped delivering babies in 1967 after more than 3,400 births.  

As one would expect from a physician, Doc was meticulous.  He kept detailed records on more than just patients.  An avid gardener, Doc kept records on his vegetables and the weather as if they were his patients.  After purchasing his grand home in Rutledge he kept detailed records of exactly what was done in the renovations and who did the work.  And Doc loved routine.  He ate the same breakfast, went to the same barber and kept the same hours year end and year out.  

In our next post we'll talk about Doc's fame and fortune for something very different than medicine.  Well, more fame than fortune! 

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