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Grainger County man charged in elaborate fuel thefts

A Grainger county man is facing theft charges after he was arrested in connection to an elaborate gas-stealing scheme.

Detectives say Steve Poore, 22, of Harrogate devised the scheme by stealing an enclosed trailer and converting it into a pumping system to steal the fuel.

Officials say Poore stole more than 1,500 gallons of fuel from the Parkway Market in Thorn Hill, and the Volunteer Market in New Tazewell. The fuel was pulled from large commercial tanks underground.

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Tornado was responsible for Claiborne County storm damage

A National Weather Service crew has determined that a weak tornado was, in fact, responsible for damage in New Tazewell on March 24.

According to a Weather Service report, the path of the tornado, which was rated an EF1 with peak winds of 105 miles per hour, stretched across a mile and a half south of town.

East TN woman lives without a heart rate for an hour

An East Tennessee woman walked away from a medical condition few survive.

Olivia Arnold is 35. Last Wednesday, she suffered a massive heart attack that left her without a heart rate for close to an hour.

"They call it the widow maker and they say maybe less than two percent survive," she said.

According to staff at UT Medical Center, Arnold lived thanks to multiple factors.

First, her neighbor was quick thinking in calling an ambulance to get her to the hospital. And, second, paramedics' insistence to perform CPR helped stimulate her blood flow.

Community building a free health clinic

Members of an East Tennessee community, tired of watching their neighbors suffer without health care, are building their own medical and dental clinic with just $60,000.

After two years of planning, Servolution Ministries of Speedwell in Claiborne County is well on their way to making their dream a reality.

But the idea started even before that, when practicing physician Dr. Lovie Stallworth saw firsthand what lack of health care was doing to her patients.

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Security footage shows Claiborne Co. funnel cloud

Before this week's snow arrived, a storm system brought strong winds and damage to Claiborne County. Wednesday, National Weather Service crews surveyed the damage to determine what caused the damage.

Security footage from Claiborne County High School shows the storm move through Sunday night. It appears to show a funnel cloud move behind the school, but meteorologists say it wasn't a tornado; it was a strong gust of circulating wind.

The gust picked up a trailer and tossed it around the parking lot, and caused some other minor damage around the school.

Winter fruitful for Grainger greenhouse tomatoes

As of this week, there are exactly four months until the delicious tradition returns to East Tennessee with the annual Grainger County Tomato Festival in July.  The event draws thousands of people to Rutledge every summer.

Farmers typically start planting in mid-to-late April and cross their fingers that the unpredictable spring weather does not take a bite out of their precious crop.  The annual gamble with the weather was extremely evident Monday as Steve Longmire and his four-year-old daughter Elizabeth braved the springtime snow at their Grainger County farm. 

Snow makes clean-up from wind damage tough for Claiborne Co. family

Strong winds Sunday night tore into a New Tazewell family's home and Monday's winter weather isn't helping with clean up efforts.

Sunday, gusty winds knocked down trees, tore down power lines, and badly damaged the porch on Tracy Love's home. It even tore doors off the hinges.

Now they're dealing with winter weather and trying to clean up.