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Union Co. man dies in ATV accident

An ATV crash has claimed the life of a Union County man.

The accident happened on Walker Ford Road in Maynardville.

According to a THP report, Eddie W. Marvin, 61-years-old, was driving an ATV, when he lost control while rounding a curve.

The ATV, then rolled over and went off an embankment.

Marvin died as a result of injuries he received in the crash.

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Man dies in officer involved shooting in Tazewell


TBI spokesperson Kristin Helm said the man who was shot, Terry Massengill, 52, was killed in the incident.

Helm said his son, Brandon Massengille, was being arrested by two officers when his father, Terry, pointed a gun at officers and was shot and killed by one of the officers.

The Knox County Medical Examiner is expected to perform an autopsy.

TBI's case fill will be turned over to the District Attorney General for review when completed.

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Claiborne Co. students prepared to help during disasters

For months, teenagers in one East Tennessee community have been training to help emergency responders should a natural disaster hit their area.

Saturday, 17 Campbell High School students were certified by the Tennessee State Homeland Security Office to provide help in an official manner during emergencies.

The Claiborne High School Campus Emergency Response Team [CERT] has been training since October.  Homeland Security Director David Breeding said they were one of the few CERT teams in the state composed of high school students.

Dog found on playground undergoes surgery, is expected to recover well

An injured dog found on a Claiborne County school playground is doing well after surgery to repair its leg.

Students at Tazewell - New Tazewell Primary School found the dog last week after it wandered out from bushes on the playground. The students named the dog TNT after the initials for their school and started raising money to help pay for the surgery to fix the dog's leg.

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Claiborne kids raise money to help injured dog

Some elementary students in Claiborne County are getting a lesson in compassion.

The kids at TNT Primary School in New Tazewell found a dog on their playground that was obviously injured.

The dog turned out to have a broken leg, and they couldn't find an owner.  So the kids took matters into their owns hands.  With the help of their teachers, they got the dog to a vet and are working to raise money for its care. 

So far, they've raised about half of the $400 dollars needed to cover vet bills.

Dog plays mom to litter of kittens

These days not every family is what once may have been considered traditional.  Families now come in all shapes and sizes, and that description extends to a home in Luttrell.

Chloe is a pretty typical dog.

"She had puppies back in August. They all survived. She nursed them all. She was really good to them, really good mom," said owner Rebecca Thomas.

Well, those maternal urges didn't go away when the puppies did.  And luckily, Chloe had a bunch of new little ones to nurture.

Grainger County man charged in elaborate fuel thefts

A Grainger county man is facing theft charges after he was arrested in connection to an elaborate gas-stealing scheme.

Detectives say Steve Poore, 22, of Harrogate devised the scheme by stealing an enclosed trailer and converting it into a pumping system to steal the fuel.

Officials say Poore stole more than 1,500 gallons of fuel from the Parkway Market in Thorn Hill, and the Volunteer Market in New Tazewell. The fuel was pulled from large commercial tanks underground.